The Butterfly’s Wings

Pres. Obama & Sec. of State Clinton at transfer of remains ceremony for Benghazi attack

If we are neutral in situations of injustice,we have chosen the side of the oppressor (Desmond Tutu)

This quote was tweeted recently by Karen Armstrong. I am not sure if it applies directly to the recent spate of Muslim anti-American protests, some of them extremely violent. across the Muslim world, but I do  feel I should speak out.

I do denounce the violence and the deaths, all of them, associated with the protests. I denounce the video itself and the sentiments expressed therein. I also denounce some of the actions and policies of my own government that may have led to the protests.

What I have noticed is that one small action by an obscure group of individuals, especially one man, in one part of the world can cause havoc in many parts of the world. This seems to me to be associated with the butterfly effect, a term derived from chaos theory. defines the butterfly effect as “a cumulatively large effect that a very small natural force may produce over a period of time.”

I am reminded of Thich Nhat Hanh’s coined term, interbeing. defines interbeing as “A state of connectedness and interdependence of all phenomena.” Thich Nhat Hanh says that we all “inter-are.”

I am sure that the man behind the video film trailer, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, did not have the butterfly effect or interbeing in mind when he made the film.

We are living in a time of interconnectedness. This has always been so, but is especially pronounced and prominent in our time of globalization and instant communication with the internet.

If compassion with the practice of the Golden Rule is ever needed it is now. Thich Nhat Hanh also teaches about mindfulness: about living in the present moment, about awareness. Mindfulness is also very needed now. We all must be vigilant. We all need to practice compassion, the Golden Rule, and mindfulness. We all also need to speak out and up for these things. Remember the butterfly’s wings.

I Declare World Peace.


Besides the Links above, see also ~


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In my next post, I have More on The Butterfly’s Wings.


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