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A Pink, White, and Blue Fourth

Pink I am
Woman I am
For peace, I am too

White I am
Though not to brag
‘Tis just the way it is

Blue I am
My country, the USA
Not as honorable as once thought

Its red, white, and blue I cannot fly
Red she be: blood has flown free
White she be: fear-stoked, pained, and grieved
Blue she be: oxygen-starved, frozen, about-to-die

So a new flag I wave:
Pink for peace, for compassion, for loveliness
White for truth, for integrity, for purity, for humbleness
Blue for conciliation, for calm, for unity
To get us out of our cave

Waving for July Fourth, the pink white and blue
I Declare World Peace for you, for all of you
May Peace Prevail On Earth!