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Memorial Day 2013

For Memorial Day this year, I remember by the numbers:

The 4486 U.S. military casualties in the Iraq War, 70 of whom were from my state of Kentucky

The 2227 U.S. military casualties in the Afghanistan War, 40 of whom were from Kentucky

(from iCasualties.org)

I also remember the many, many civilians who have died in those two countries from our actions.


On Memorial Day 2013, I also remember:

All the civilians, including children, who have died by US. drone strikes outside the war theater. In Pakistan, alone, between 411-884 civilians have reportedly been killed, including between 168-197 children.

(See here.)


I am also remembering the 9 detainees who have died in the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay,  Cuba.

(See here.)


I Declare World Peace. It is time.